Coworker and I are getting close and I'm getting confused?

I won't go into too much detail, but essentially I dated a coworker, and we split 2 times over 2 months. The first time was amicable from my side where I stated to her that I didn't think things were working out, the second time she gave me two bad excuses which contradicted eachother after she had been ignoring me, so I verbally addressed it once again. Things ended for good then. To add to that, she offered to be friends, which I declined. It went from me offering to end things to her suddenly trying and (in my eyes) make it seem like she was ending things.

Now 2 months have gone by, and in the start we were both a bit cold towards eachother. But now we're getting "closer" by each shift. It started out as light banter and making fun of eachother, but during the past few shifts we've become physical. Which is already strange on its own as COVID is still here, and no coworkers at the store actually really physically interact.

However, it's coming to a point where I feel like it's more than friendly. For example, two shifts ago I made her a star out of a yellow rag as a "Well done" award, which was an intern joke. She's apparently kept it and likes having it (she brought it up last time we worked). Besides that, at one point I was joking about her height because she was being annoyingly adorable. She then asked me to stretch out my arms and proceeded to jump into my arms with her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck, saying she was taller than me.

Other than that, we've just been bantering a lot and have been physically touching eachother. We've had hugs, half hugs, you name it.

I've asked her to talk, to which she agreed so we'll most likely do that next time we meet. I feel like we need to address this, but I might just be blowing this out of proportion because I'm still into her.

Again, it might just be me who's reading things wrong. So I was hoping on some perspectives from others. What do I say when we talk? Do I confess my feelings?
Coworker and I are getting close and I'm getting confused?
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