Why would a girl do this?

I’ve been friends with this girl for over a year or so... nothing changed since. It’s like we have a laugh , talk here and there But I don’t know what’s gotten into her.

Over last week she’s beginning to go all weird on me.

Firstly, she’s constantly telling me about these guys who want to date her and she’s not interested in them

Secondly, she said that she saw someone on she knew of the dating site from years ago and blocked him.

Thirdly, she said she can’t be bothered with it all anymore and deleted all the apps.

All of sudden yesterday evening, she started telling me personal things of what’s she used to do from when she was a child. Her funny habits that stem from childhood to Adulthood and other funny stuff. Stuff that was irrelevant to the conversation.

Why is she doing his? What does it all mean?
Why would a girl do this?
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