Is my friend who friend zoned me jealous of me having another close friend? Why?

Me and this girl (A) have been friends for slightly over a year now. She has rejected me probably three times and knows how I feel about her. We even stopped talking and hanging out for 5 months but then started hanging out again, before she left for Germany. I gave her my hoodie before she left and she started texting me everyday. I asked her and she said she just likes me as a friend, so I told her that we should stop talking and then she said I still want to be friends, (I did too) and we agreed on talking every once in a while to stay in touch while she was gone. She would do things like post videos of herself in my hoodie, I’m sure it was to get my attention, and when I said I’m glad you wear it, she said yeah 🖤. Fast forward a couple months and she is now back and it’s been 2 weeks. We talked about hanging out with our best friends who were dating each other up until I found out my best friend raped one of my friends, who is also a girl (B). Before (A) found out, (I thought she knew since it was all over Instagram) , I asked her to hangout Saturday and she replied two hours later saying I can’t. I then asked for Friday but she said she still hasn’t seen one of her closest friends yet so we could probably hang within the next few weeks. I thought she was hesitant to hang because of the situation with our best friends, so I told her my stance on it and she didn’t even know, not even her best friend who was dating my best friend knew. I then told girl (B) about this and she then reached out to girl (A) explaining that she is my close friend and wanted to clarify what happened so that girl (A)’s best friend would feel content. They started talking a lot, still do (it’s been 3 days) and girl (B), who I know likes me, would talk to her a lot about me and bring me up a lot in conversation. Girl (A) then hit me up and asked if I had spring break next week and suggested that we maybe hangout. I feel like girl (A) who I have known longer than girl (B) is jealous?
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Is my friend who friend zoned me jealous of me having another close friend? Why?
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