How to seduce a guy who had a teenage crush on me?

I fucked up. And now I intend to fix it.

The most amazing man used to have a crush on me when we were teenagers. I loved him so much, in what I thought was a platonic way. Now, 20 years later, I see him on social media and we talk intermittently. He has literally become the man of my dream in soooo many respects. And yet, he still has that same happy, playful spirit that made him such a delight when we were teenagers.

He never directly confessed, but I found the farewell card he gave me when I left to go to school out of state. It’s hard to explain but with the eyes and ears of an adult, I can tell that he loved me. And thinking back, his actions were those of someone trying so hard to impress me. And it worked, in the long run.

I want to seduce him. I want him to be mine. I don’t care how long it takes but I have to make this work.

If you ever had a really strong crush on someone, what would be the very best way that person could come back into your life and kindle the romance you both were afraid to start. Any tips or thoughts are welcome.

thank you!
How to seduce a guy who had a teenage crush on me?
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