I tripped but did I really figure out women?

I started losing control of what i wanted to think and say, and my logic was quickly out of the picture.

The world was more vivid, i saw a picture of an owl and stopped and said "I like that owl. Now i know what my mom means when she says that [she likes something and stares at it]."

I rubbed my ear and said "God that feels amazing". I took a bite of a cookie and it exploded in my mouth. I looked at my hands and they were perfectly colored, i looked at my face and it was even more amazing looking than usual.

Context was everything. How i dressed changed my mood. I know what wearing makeup for yourself means now. Logically, i could never understand what that meant.

I was extremely manic, i typed 60 words a minute for two hours straight. Just typing on notepad was, surreal. Getting up and exploring the world seemed so scary. Being around strangers would have frightened me beyond a rational explanation for being scared.

I needed to agree with someone. I couldnt trust myself, i kept saying "thats my opinion. I need a witness". I needed to be told what to do, i needed to be regulated. Then i realized that men must "abuse" women, because in their emotional states they literal dont know what they want, they want to be under someones control though. Is this true?
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I tripped but did I really figure out women?
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