Why do girls get angry for no reason?

There's this friend of mine, we became close lately and I've seen signs she likes me. But she has a boyfriend. Recently, when she sees me she intentionally gets angry just to get my attention. And as usually I will talk with her and everything will be cool. The thing is I dont know whether you are really mad at me or not. Recently, I came to work, greeted her, no response, tried to talk to her.. didn't mind me. So I went to my office. She came there to ask for something from a friend of mine in the same office. I saw her.. But since she's mad at me for what I dont know I also ignored her. Late in the afternoon , I saw her, tried to talk with her and gosh... she yelled at me to leave her alone. Damn... I'm like what have I done wrong. I've approached her several times to tell me what I did wrong but she doesn't wanna speak. This has been going on for sometime. Man , I really dont understand women
Why do girls get angry for no reason?
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