Girls how important is money in a relationship?

When you are dating a man do you see if he is wealthy?
I mean when you raise kids and have a house you ask women and they say money is not important when in fact it is very important. So I don't understand is that women save face in being called a "gold digger". Honestly if I hooked up with a rich girl hell it would open a little more doors.

Money is important because well it opens a lot of doors for you. Like if you have kids with a man and you are living paycheck to paycheck you can't really give your kids the same opportunity as those kids who come from wealthy families. You can't go to the prestigious universities. It's usually the best interest to give your offspring the best opportunity to succeed but it would seem that women don't think that way at all. They are more concerned with their own well being and happiness than their children's future.

In reality I think women love money and I don't understand why they have to lie to men about it. Think about what can you do if you had an extra $4000.00 to spend every month vs. the life you picked supporting a dead beat man with no job living paycheck to paycheck being miserable wondering why you "love" the idea that you can fix this "lazy man" you care for so much. I do know that women love useless men, like complete useless tit's.
Girls how important is money in a relationship?
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