Is sensuality dead?

Seems to be that nowadays everything is about sexuality and not sensuality.
Seems to me that when a girl wants to be or look desired, she just gets half naked. You see it especially on tv or videoclips, etc. Just trying to be sexy.
Sensuality is playing with all the senses. Wearing a nice outfit, not needing to show anything, nice makeup (not exaggerated amount), a nice perfume, and an interesting personality, not so easy to reach.

We could say the same about men, dressing up nicely, wearing a nice cologne and looking tidy and not looking desperate.

Do you think that's lost? Why do you think it happened?
Is sensuality dead?
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by the way, woman in the picture is the actress Veronica Lake. She had normal size breasts (today they would be considered small) and normal size ass, and would mostly appear in full dresses. However, I find her the most beautiful and desired woman ever!
Is sensuality dead?
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