Fat girl wants hot guys?

I know a fat British girl. She’s not attractive at all, and she dresses loose, to hide her body. Whatever each their own. I like her as a friend. However she’s extremely delusional. She tries to get fit guys who kill themselves at the gym to go for her. These guys are shredded. And they dress well. And most of them got a bit of money.

I’ve seen the girls these guys date they’re like 10’s.
And this British girl tries to get these guys to get in bed with her And the guys obviously are never interested.
And they try to avoid being too direct to not hurt her feelings.

And then she’s complaining to me that all guys are shy!

I don’t wanna be mean to her, because she’s not rude to me. But she’s clearly delusional. Not sure how to tell her that “ birds with the same feathers will flock together.” And men especially if they look like that aren’t goanna go with someone who eats everything in sight and chills all day
Fat girl wants hot guys?
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