Is she lying or not?

My SO and I are having problems. We are not sleeping together but we are co-habitating at her place. She cries and sobs (quietly) whenever I say I can leave. Yesterday she wanted me to leave. As soon as I was ready she changed her mind and wants me to stay for a month or more. Essentially until the lockdown has ended.

This morning we have a bit of a breakthrough and we are talking normally instead of looking distant and cool all the time.

She leaves the door open when she is getting dressed. I see her topless she stops dressing and looks at me for a minute. She lets me look. She changes later with her door open again. No look this time just casual like before we had our problem.

Then she starts getting dressed to go out. She plays cards all afternoon. She usually dresses a bit sleazy for that which is one of our issues. She likes to give the boys a downblouse show during the game. Occasionally she has meetings with clients she dresses smartly for those.

But this time she wears a sheer white top with a black bra and long black pants. Takes a little longer to put on her makeup. Takes some time selecting a perfume rather than the usual one.
I ask her if she's going on a date. She says she's meeting a client and hopes to make a sale.

She is beingI have never seen her take such care in choosing a perfume before or wear a sheer top to a client meeting. She sells custom made women's clothing.

Is she lying or not?

And if she is then what's with the boob show?
Yes, she's lying, it's a date.
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1 y
Update. She she was lying.
About 2, 3 or 4 times a week she takes forever to choose her clothes. She solicits my opinion and then takes a selfie to post online. She laets some guy fuck her for money and then soemetimes, has a second appointment afterwards.

When she doesn't do this, when she just throws on shorts and a tee she is gambling.

All she does every afternoon every day of the the week is fuck for moeny or gamble.
Is she lying or not?
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