Am I the Asshole?

So I got pregnant by a guy I was just sexually involved in. Around the time we had unprotected sex, I had a situation go on that distracted me from what I needed to do, which was get the plan B. I take fully responsibility for that. That is 1000% my fault since this was not someone I wanted to have a baby by. initially If I did find out I was pregnant I was going to abort despite my feelings about it. I just never wanted to raise a child under those circumstances. The day I found out I was pregnant my father also passed due to COVID. I made the decision ultimately to keep the pregnancy going. I informed the father and he asked me to abort. I informed the father that I was not keeping the baby to spite him, it was purely situational and for my own selfish reasons. I stupidly asked the father if he’d sign his rights away ( naturally assuming he’d never be that cruel knowing the situation I’m going through and that I informed him I have no intention to put him on child support or force a relationship between the two) the father of course said yes because he didn’t want a child with me and he didn’t want his family to find out because they’d make him take care of his child. Honestly after thinking about it I felt so disrespected especially with everything I have going on with my family and just having buried my father that I informed him that I’m not going to terminate my pregnancy so he can basically skate free, nor will I allow him to sign away his rights and NOW I am going to put him on child support. The phone calls have been non stop. Am I being emotional and unfair? Should I consider his request? Am I being a pregnant asshole?
Am I the Asshole?
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