SO not talking with me, what did I do?

Ok, short story. Scenario: We're LDR and can't meet each other due to quarantine.

We were fine one day, talked on the phone for several hours and the convo ended normally.
The next day, I tried calling her - no answer. She then responded that she slept early to adjust her sleeping pattern (which I advised over and over before). Ok fine.
The next day, I messaged her again, earlier this time, no response. Figured she must've slept early.
The next day, I called her up in the afternoon, she must have not been sleeping right? So she responded "Let's talk next time". Sweet. No. Something must be wrong. I asked why and what happened - no response. I just messaged her that if she's ready to talk, I am ready to listen.

*Insert flashbacks* - I tried to check if I did something wrong in the past days. No, I have not forgotten any important dates/events. No, I have not talked to any girls (well I really don't talk to other girls besides work stuff - which I cannot avoid). No, I did not miss any promises. No, I have not neglected her as we talk daily and I always ask her how is her day.

So I don't know what is wrong. We were fine, I cannot find any issues.
Please note that I have not done the silent treatment. I message her on a daily basis (she does not want to be called - she wants to be the one who calls ever since), I even sent some food to her via delivery.

So yeah, I am clueless and not sure whether it's me, or her or something else.
SO not talking with me, what did I do?
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