Am I a narcissist for hating this girl so much?

This girl is supposedly my childhood friend or so she claims she comes from an abusive household every time she is around me my red flags go up she HATES me but she acts like she is my friend. She says she loves me but my instincts do not agree. She is always passive aggressive and i am trying to be understanding of he situation but her disregard for my feelings her never apologizing her lack of respect for my privacy makes me want her away from me. I don't know if i am a narcissist but I don’t believe a WORD she says. I don’t hate anyone usually and i catch myself having the worst feelings and hatred for her... I don’t like this feeling and it makes me feel like a bad person it only makes me wanna end our “friendship” but her psychologist told me not to end our friendship because i will be hurt. I don’t think i will be cause we are not even close although she claims we are besties and i never feel safe around her. I feel like a trashy person for saying this but I cannot hide my feelings. Advice?
Am I a narcissist for hating this girl so much?
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