Is she flirting with me?

hi there

A few months ago I come out to a friend that I am bisexual. She was really supportive about it which was great but recently she has been acting so strange with me.

A few weeks after I came out to her we had a hot tub party at her's. The music was playing (no alchol was involved) it was a really good night. We were laughing and joking in the hot tub when all of a sudden she un tied my bikini top, to begin with I thought ok she is messing around, but then she did it a further 2 times.

We do have a really close friendship so didn't think to much of it. So as the weeks passed I carried on going to see her and hanging out with her round at her place. She started to play music (mainly songs with both knew). I noticed sometime she would just stare at me while I was singing along with the song lyrics like she was.

Anyway about a month ago we decided to go for a bite to eat and a cinima trip, She wore a top that showed off her boobs and she really made the effort. There was a lot of eye contact.

We went out again the other weekend for a bite to eat and the cinima again but this time she was a completly diffrent person. She made no effort at all clothes wise. She did put ice down the front of my top though

I do get the impression she is jelous of another one of my friends though. (I do spend a lot of time with my other friend) She asked to see a picture of her, so I showed her one. My other friend is really skinny even though my other friend isn't fat or anything she keeps going on about loosing weight etc.
The trouble is the one that was flirting with me ( or at least I think she was) is always being hot and cold with me. one min she is putting ice down my top, slapping my arse etc, the next she is cold and acting like a friend
I am so confused right now. any help on this situation would be fab thanks
Is she flirting with me?
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