Do you hve womens intuition? What do you do with it?

I am really coming into my own with it now. I could rationalize away everything. But now my hunches are just too overpowering of impressions to me. Instantaeous, metamorphic, nebulous, fluid, strong.

I guess i might be just coming into myself and my intuition now.

Before, i did not have enough experience in the world and let my mind get hijacked by 'logic' instilled by others. I was easily mentally controlled. Thus easily controlled my own intuition. Suppressed her.

I get hunches about this girl at my job. I feel like a lioness ready to attack something around her. When i interact with her. She might be a lioness inside. No matter how plain she acts.

My male sexual harassers misogynist abusers at work... Recently i stopped rationalizing to myself and now i get visceral bodily feelings just seeing them. These are to protect me. So i dont fall into rationalized traps again over and over. These are not kind people whp made mistakes. All those times i saw extreme selfishness, narcissism, and so on in these little boy-men... Its not fake. Its not a joke. Let it accumulate.

I cannot any longer rationalize my intuitions.

That time so and so spoke over me. The time I saw that evilness in so and so's eyes like they were hungry... For me... For human life.

Its real.

The time i saw rape and extreme lust desire in the guys eyes who charms everyone. The time I felt suicidal after having a normal conversation with that guy. I let logic explain my hunches away. And kept being nice and talking to him. What followed was a long and painful journey.

Now, i feel people and know how i feel around them or after i spend any time with them. And now my gut just knows.

She just knows.

I know.
Do you hve womens intuition? What do you do with it?
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