Why am I losing interest in her?

I'm back with another apathetic question, hi! So anyway, my lady crush... We became solid friends, I wasn't even jealous of her boyfriend and she really liked my flirting style so I continued with it. But lately my heart just doesn't beat to her, the room doesn't grow brighter when she comes and I think she's all right. Problem is, even if she's straight and taken, I wanted to be close to her as she was a great rolemodel and motivational.

But lately I just don't wanna communicate with her. I don't want to be understood by her. She's the great colleague I've always wished for, then why the fuck do I feel cold towards her?
20 d
If you must know, she's still hot. Still useful as she virals notes before deadline. And whys I hate someone for being straight, it's not like they chose that sexuality? XD
Why am I losing interest in her?
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