Can you help me understand my co-worker (Female)?

I work in a company me, her and another guy its only 3 of us in that branch office. So, basically we have to deal with each other and talk a lot during work time. at some point i thought she might like me cause she like laughs at my jokes (not sure if actually my joke are funny or not) ans she will always like punch my shoulder when she laughs or something. Sometimes she compliments me when I notice a mistake or an error that they missed also, we used to go for lunch together then we stopped then later on we started again going to lunch at the same time with each other and now she usually asks me when I will go for lunch so she could take her lunch break at the same time. I tried to avoid her and stop talking to her because I think I like her, and I avoided her 4 days during the week and on the last day I went lunch with her and she asked me why I am not talking to her.
Can you help me understand my co-worker (Female)?
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