Girls I need help understanding my crush’s behavior?

A a month ago I met my crush at the gym, we’ve always made eye contact and I finally talked to her.

Over the past month, we’ve exchanged numbers and were suppose to get coffee but she was busy and is away from home a lot (she has a beach house) but she would like my tweets and watched my stories / dm me a little bit over ig. We bumped into each other once and I touched her and we talked for a few where she told me her career. She then came back home and we texted on her birthday, the conversation was good but she would take a hour or two to respond and she apologized for not forgetting about coffee with me and that she was busy. I didn’t make a fuss and played it cool by saying well plan a day when I see her again at the gym.

For the next two weeks (last Wednesday), I pulled back and then I texted her asking about her outlook on her career and she sent me ESSAYS and asked what I did and was blown away. We texted nonstop immeasurable till 3am in the morning, she made jokes, texted wink emojis, and spammed me with pictures of what she did then she started responding later like a hour to two hours but still with a lot to say and joke with me. We talked about doing things in the future together in a fun and flirty way and then I ended the conversation because I was busy.

Over the next couple of days till yesterday, I didn’t reach out and she would check my social media stories one post at a time and got the feeling she was mad at me. Yesterday I texted her being flirty and giving her a challenge aka a date that I could only reveal in person at the gym, and she waited hours later to spam me with two messages asking about it and I also waited sometime to respond and be flirty not revealing it and for her to be ready for it.

She texted me overnight hours later and said she’ll be prepared! And I responded hours later and ended it successfully, waiting to set it up when I see her.

Girls, what does her behavior mean?
Girls I need help understanding my crush’s behavior?
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