I’m really offended by this?

I have a new coworker we’re both young and in retail and she’s my skin tone and we could I guess be related. Today is the first day I saw her and two different ladies walked in and thought I was her. I was helping one locate something and she was like “we’re you the lady who just helped me at the register” and I told her I wasn’t and it was the new coworker but I had helped her before she went to the register. She said it’s hard to tell with masks. The second lady came to my register and had to do a double take and was like “wait didn’t you just help me earlier” which I actually did help her earlier but the coworker was standing at the door helping people so I thought she was also referring to her. My coworker isn’t ugly but isn’t gorgeous. I don’t really want to be compared to her. And I don’t want this to happen everytime I come into work. I hate being compared to other girls. I get a lot of people telling me I’m pretty including my sister who ALWAYS tells the truth and dosen’t give people compliments unless she means it. Should I be offended am I overthinking this whole thing?
I’m really offended by this?
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