Why do men have such a warped view of women?

They have this sort of idea that all women are the same. All women are complicated, and SO hard to understand. Women don't know what the hell they want. Women encourage double standards. Even when they meet a girl who's NOT like that, they still hang onto those ideas for no reason at all.

I'm not indecisive, I know exactly what it is I want and I do whatever it takes to get it. If I like a guy, I don't play games, I show him I like him & even go as far as telling him. I hate double standards. I like to be treated as an equal. I don't mind a guy having those ideas before meeting me, but why hang onto them when I'm exactly the opposite ?

I know guys are gonna say "But women are the same, they think all guys are assholes and jerks." That's true, and we can't let go of those ideas until proven otherwise, since we rarely know a guy for how much of a jerk he is until the very end most of the time.

Can someone help me understand?
Why do men have such a warped view of women?
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