Do girls ever regret relationships with a guy regardless of how it ended?

So I had dated a girl for 4 months or so. In the beginning I tried to impress her because I almost felt inadequate to her "level" physically. So unfortunately I kind of embellished some things about myself and my business to make me look good. It wasn't 100% true, but it wasn't 100% false either. We started out wonderful, she always wanted to be with me, was very affectionate and sexual, but then it all kind of just went away. She began doing only what she had to in order to get us by, while I was bending over backward for her doing the sweet stuff. I did a lot of the little things x2 that girls like. Unfortunately there was an existing situation within the relationship that had to do with her family that wasn't ever really resolving itself. But I dealt with it. So basically that situation wasn't going away, an item from my PAST that I left to leave out came up, and she broke up with me. Reasons being- the issue within her family that can't resolve itself, that issue from my past and the fact that she considers me a liar now for what I did in the beginning to get her attention. I was a great great boyfriend aside from all that. Everything from opening doors, to paying for nights out, to bringing coffees to her work, to getting up on my days off to text her at 615am so she could talk to me before she went in. I am wondering, regardless of all the bullsh*t that went down, will she miss me? Will she eventually miss us? Will these things be overlooked in the future and maybe give us another chance?
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I have a heart of gold, I am very sensitive, I put everything I have into my relationships.
Do girls ever regret relationships with a guy regardless of how it ended?
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