She not my type and I did not feel attractive when I saw you in person for the first time?

We meet knew each other on badoo. We just click and start to get to know each other and made plans to get to know each other in person. We text for a week before we meet in person. So during the whole week we talk about everything. The reason she was in that app was because she wanted to date she even had it on her page. And I was cool I really down for that because I like her and I love her energy and vibe. Times she send me a lot of hints about dating and saying you are just perfect and I see myself dating you, even marrying you. She even send me videos on how she want to get marry (the theme of the wedding). So we made plans to see each other Saturday but it was raining hard that day. And I live 100 miles from her so we decided for tomorrow or next weekend. And she was telling me she going to be busy and will not able to see me tomorrow which I wanted to. So we talk all night (Saturday night) like until 3 am. About us dating and being with me because I was serious with her and I was going to bring her to my parents. So Sunday came and then she text me that she wanted to see me and she had time. And she told me over and over to see her and then I finally said yes. When I pick her up we click talk about everything. And she still talking about our future. So we went to my house ate and she was the first to hold my hand. Cute. When we went to the couch to talk and vibe. She hug me, lay on my lap, and many times wanted me to kiss her. But then she kiss me first. Then we lay down in my room. And then she was playing around and on top of me and tickling me. Just playing around. Then she told me I going to change In my night dress which was really short that you can see everything when laying down. Then she mocked me sexually way many times. Until I said well she want me to do a move back. Then I finger her but that it. Then drop her off and then text her I had a good time. She ghosted me. For 4 days then said what on the title. Was she wrong what she did.
She not my type and I did not feel attractive when I saw you in person for the first time?
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