My girlfriend does not call me or text me as often as I do. Would you be annoyed at this?

my girlfriend has been away on holiday for a week now with a cpl of her girl friends and I have only herd from her once this week in the middle so on like day 4.

now her phone doesn't work out there and she doesn't want to use her mates phone due to the cost, she's called me from a landline but I don't know what to think about only been spoke to the once, not even borrowing her mates fone to send a text..i mean the text would be 35p max. I mean I text her more than she text me when I was away on holiday with my friends.

she isn't a clingy/sufficating girlfriend at all..but I expected her to 'miss' me more than she is showing..or at least putting in more effort to get in touch by other means since her phone isn't working

don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting a text or call every day but more than once would be nice esp as she knows I have a lot of family problems going on at home that I suppose she is apart I being just being needy here? or what?


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  • Dude, she's on vacation. Let her have fun. She'll contact when she can but don't be so caught up with you wanting her to miss you. She's not going anywhere, calm down lol

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