Single and searching for... available?!

So, I've been meeting tons of great guys, all of whom are taken! What I'm wondering is, where do "available" guys hang out? What would you say are the top ten places that a girl could go to find a surplus of available men?

The obvious locations might be a golf course or a sports bar, but I'm thinking more along the lines of places on or near a college campus. Any hot-spots I should know about where I might be able to snag a good-looking (and preferably single) guy?

HA, type-o in the question! *available

(I promise I'm not actually that stupid)


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  • This is the eternal question. Where can I find the opposite gender? Men are having this same problem with finding single women. Bars and Clubs are pretty much just people looking for hookups. I have been looking and am about to try, but have not yet tried. I thought maybe food banks and shelters might be a good place to try. I figure some good hearted people might be there. Cultural events and community events, are also another type of place I am planning on trying. People at these places are looking for a good time, but it is not where people looking for booty call, normally hang out.

    Like I said I haven't tried them yet, but I am planning on starting soon.


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  • Look for people with similar interests. Join clubs for people who are hikers, photographers, or whatever floats your boat..

    Book readings, lectures,...anyplace where there are safe times for meeting new people in a comfortable environment who at least might have the same sort of interests.

  • You never really got the 'you gotta kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince' expression, have you?

    Attractive guys who have their sh*t together aren't single. You're going to have to find a diamond in the rough and polish him up and brush his teeth, comb his hair and make him yours.

  • lan parties... dorm rooms... library...

  • how about a local coffeeshop? There seem to be a lot people by themselves, studying and what not, by themselves at local coffeeshops near my campus. But in general, most businesses don't hang "singles only" signs over the door...


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  • Not near colleges, In colleges. Take classes. Church, athletic clubs. Volunteer at places like sr. centers, humane soc., etc. Go to art festivals, etc. And talk to people, strike up conversations. If you are there & don't talk, there's no pt.