Why are natural imperfections overlooked in women?

I'm not talking anything remotely physical; I'm talking a woman's persona overall.

It almost feels like women are expected to be perfect, in every aspect, and when we make mistakes, as all humans do, we are always ridiculed, or men are shocked by it for some reason.

What I mean is, women are looked to for honesty and what not, but when one girl lies for whatever reason, we all suddenly become manipulative / lying / evil creatures - and it's assumed that's what all women want to do, is manipulate and control men.

It's like guys are shocked that this girl lied; who cares the circumstances, how dare she be human and lie?!

Or if a girl desires a finer lifestyle; suddenly all women only want men for money and luxury, we want them to cater to us, spoil us, treat us like queens etc...or we're gold - diggers and have to depend on the guy for everything.

It's like guys are shocked by the fact that girls can have a taste for the nicer things and not be vindictive - how dare she want to live comfortably!?

How about the girls who are relaxed with their sexuality; not slutty, but a healthy active sex life with a decent amount of partners? Maybe a few fetishes and flings here and there; Suddenly, they are undesirable, used goods, not wife material, etc..

It's like men are shocked that women have sexual needs and drives; how dare they crave intimacy and that physical connection!?

The " bad boy" thing in which so many girls get sucked up by these lousy men's charms, and the " nice" guys are left hanging. Now all women are stupid, clueless, and do it out of impulsion or shallowness just because the guy looks good, or has a dark interesting vibe to him.

It's like men can't comprehend that women have to figure out what qualities to really search for, what honestly makes a good partner, perhaps overcome their own self - confidence issues, gather the experience to grow past their nievity, and insight to avoid the same sucky situation with said guys; how dare women undergo the many challenges of life, propositioned to help better them as a person!?

It's outrageous! Why is it that women act like humans?! Why aren't they perfect?! Why do they do these things?!

Why is it that men try to mold us into perfection with their hypocritical, counter productive standards? ( A girl should be a virgin, but good in bed too - a girl should always respect herself, but the most desired women are sleezy, girls shouldn't date " bad guys", but the " nice" guys have no confidence...etc..wth?

A woman has to be the ultimate for a man...but she can't lose herself in the process...

...dudes, we aren't perfect - we're just human...so why is it so hard for men to see this, but so easy to ridicule us for it?

Lol - sorry for the rant - I'm just so sick of this illogical male perspective a lot of guys have - and not just on here, just in life generally...
Why are natural imperfections overlooked in women?
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