Did I screw up, or is there still hope?

i met this guy "Justin" pretty much right at the beginning of college. he actually genuinely seems like a really nice guy (but I'm not naive, I've gotten my heart ripped out in the past by seemingly "nice" guys.) anyway, we started pretty much hanging out every night or day at some point. in the beginning, he would text me a lot, and he even came over when I was sick and comforted me for a while. things were going really well, I had a few bad nights though with other drama and he would always comfort me when I was crying :/

so this is where it gets weird. Justin has started pulling away a little, I don't know why. he is getting more busy with sports tryouts, but I don't know, something still tells me that he's getting annoyed by me (even though HE invites ME to hang with him.. I'm careful not to text him first). so last night, I got hammered and went up to chill in his dorm (yes he invited me). he was with his friends and pretty much ignored me and acted like I didn't exist, and looked at pictures of boobs while I was right there in the room. so I got angry and left.

then later, I was hanging out with this other guy who likes me (but I don't like him). I'll call him "andy". I went to Justin's door and said we need to talk and pretty much started crying my eyes out saying how he's been ignoring me lately and I don't know what to do. also, I kissed (just a peck on the lips) andy right in front of Justin for like one second. anyway, Justin was kind of confused and acting like he didn't think anything was wrong. anyway, he told me he'd text me later and went back to his dorm. so me & andy were hanging out for a while and we were walking with his arm around me. we walked right past Justin's dorm and what do you know, he comes out and sees me and just kind of walks away with his friends. (keep in mind I was completely drunk at this point, and he was sober.)

so I'm pretty much a mess at this point because I tend to get REALLY clingy in relationships. so I'm crying my eyes out and I pretty much just go to bed. the next morning, I wake up to a text from Justin saying, "how was andy?" I just wrote back now saying we needed to talk.

HOW do I fix this situation? should I pull away hoping to bring him closer, etc.? I'm thinking of saying we should take a break from each other just for the weekend or something. please help!

tl;dr: I like this guy a lot and he likes me but lately he's been pulling away. so I got really drunk and cried and kissed another guy in front of him. also, I am very clingy. can the situation be fixed?
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eh. I saw him today and we chilled but it felt a little weird.. but we were with our friends so I just shot him a text saying well talk laterr. so I don't know :/
Did I screw up, or is there still hope?
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