Guys, why do you suddenly lose interest in a girl?

A lot of girls have been there. The guy they're seeing or are in a relationship with, suddenly loses interest and cuts it off. Some girls pick up on it right away, some don't see it and end up being treated badly because the guy just doesn't have the guts to call it quits.

So what are some of the reasons that make you "suddenly" not into her? Why the behavior change? I've heard some guys say that they "care" but they treat the girl like crap in the end. Is it conflicting emotions, or trying to push her away to make it easier or what?

Share examples! I'm sure some girls around here could use the insight.


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  • I'm guessing for the very same reason why girls suddenly lose interest. Since there's not much difference of being interested or not between genders. I'd love to answer in more detail from a guy's pov but they're both pretty similar.

    So just ask yourself that, why do girls suddenly lose interest in a guy?

    What would you experience/feel/think to make you suddenly lose interest in a guy you're seeing?

    And perhaps you could share that insight because I'm for sure wondering the same thing..

    • This is so unhelpful and circular.

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    • I get what you're saying, but it wasn't really all that helpful. I want YOUR personal reasons. Not some generalized one, hence asking. You were basically taking my question and turning it into your own with that response.

      Curious, but elaborate on the busy schedule? Would that be both parties or just one being too busy for a relationship?

    • I'm just saying any personal reasons guys give will be very similar to reasons why you would lose interest in a guy too, thus why I initially suggested asking yourself the same question.

      About the busy schedule, I'd say it could very well be both, but of course if one is too busy there's an imbalance of attention and effort put into the relationship. Busy schedule could be various things, such as work, family, school, or a mixture of those and more.

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