Why does this girl hate me?

Talking about why Girl B hates me.

So in February of 2010 I liked Girl A and I also mentioned I thought Girl B was cute (both of the girls are best friends) and with my town, everybody apparently knew about it. Girl B chatted me one day and said that Girl A likes me, Girl A said that's not true, and Girl B said the next day that her brother did that, and deleted me as a friend.

Later in June I added Girl B on the day before my birthday just for the fun of it, she accepted and wrote "happy birthday timmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" on my wall. Girl A thought it was funny because she used a million m's.

Over the summer I was chatting with Girl A while she was hanging out with Girl B, she intervened and basically questioned why I was talking to her because she doesn't like me and stupid things like that. Girl A said she doesn't know why Girl B is doing that, and Girl B deleted and blocked me.

In September of 2010 Girl B randomly waved at me during school, I flipped her off since she was such a ***** to me, later that day she said "hi tim" to me when she was behind me, I turned around to look at her and gave her a death stare and flipped her off again. even later that day at the dance and at homecoming the next day she kept on looking at me. I sent her a text (long story short someone put my number into her phone so she texted me asking who I was) and apologized about the whole thing, she replied the next day saying "its OK tim, thank you for apologizing." and I asked her why she is so rude to me, then she started saying stupid arrogant things again and eventually didn't respond.

Fast forward to now essentially, Girl B has gym the same period I do (the classes are split up by grade with different teachers, but different classes may do things together.) She keeps on looking at me. There were a couple days where we stayed inside due to rain and we played dodge ball. it was 9 other seniors and myself vs. 30 other people. She keeps on looking at me during that too, she tries throwing the ball at me but misses more often than not. Once I was the only one left, I was picking up a ball when she threw it and it hit me on the ankle, very lightly though. She was laughing with this other girl while still looking at me.

Also I'm the only guy that I know that doesn't think Girl B is morbidly obese and hideously ugly. I think she's cute, just she could loose a few pounds.

What do you think? I know this is so long and I thank you very much for answering! Please post links and I will answer your questions!

oh and Girl A has had a boyfriend since January
Why does this girl hate me?
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