Should I Believe Him?

I met him freshman year of high school. He came up to me and wrote “you’re beautiful” and showed it to me. I didn’t even know this guy. He was in one of my classes and throughout freshman year he would try to get my attention. Toward the end of year he stopped stalking me and spread a rumor about himself that his senior girlfriend was pregnant (but he wasn’t the father). I didn’t believe him. Then I decided to get a Facebook and he sent me a friend request. I didn’t accept it throughout the whole summer. Sophomore year started and he was in one of my classes, so I decided to accept it.

Now that I am friends with him online, I’m starting to find out about him. It seems like he’s had several “girlfriends”, but I’m not sure if they were serious relationships. It seems like he falls hard fast and craves for attention. He’s told me online that he really likes/loves me, but now I know about these other girls, so does he actually mean it?

Reasons why I doubt it:

#1: EXCUSES: We decided we would call each other, but right when we were about to he said he had to help his friend over the phone because she was about to kill herself. About a half hour later after his phone advice death call he decided to call me.

#2: HISTORY: My friend went to middle school with him and told me he spread a rumor that they “did it” together and that he asked this other girl to get in his pants. That was in middle school, but I don’t know if he’s changed.

#5: EX GFS: I found out that last year he was going out with a senior at our school, but it wasn’t the pregnant one. Then he mentioned that some girl claims he “did it” with her cousin. I got so upset and he turned to me saying, “I know, I have an effed up life.”

Reasons why I believe:

#1: PROMISES: He’s made promises to me that if we were together he would never hurt me and love me a lot and he will never be mad at me or leave me . He’s also said I’m all he can think about, he would do anything to be with me, I will always be in his heart, no one will replace me in his heart, and I’m the best person for him no matter who comes along.

#2: HOMECOMING: My parents and I had to pick him up to go to the dance. When I got to his house, he gave me flowers and we took pictures together. At the dance he held my hand, sang to me, got a pic together (which is his fb profile pic), and we slow danced. After the dance, he told me through text that he wanted to kiss me on the cheek, but was afraid because of his mono (turn off!)

#3: HANGING OUT: He came over my house and we watched a movie and TV. He put his arm around me, pulled me closer to him, rubbed his head against mine, drew a heart on my hand with his finger, and he wanted to kiss me on my cheek again. When he left, he hugged me twice. He texted me when he left saying “today was perfect”.

Overall he tries to be a sweet guy, but he’s a bit dramatic and I have no idea what he tells other girls, so I do not know whether to believe him or not when he says he loves me.
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November 25: Today he chats me on FB and says, "i hope I can kiss you on your cheek soon". Right when he says it, I can see on my news feed that he recommended a link on myYearbook. Isn't that a dating site? Then he leads to tell me that he loves me. Do you think he's telling this to other girls on myYearbook?
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November 26: Today I talked to his ex. I found out he's done those same things above not just to me, but to her and other girls. This guy had naked photo's of girls being sent to his phone while he was already in a relationship! And when this girl denied having sex with him in the bathroom, he started hitting on her friends.
Should I Believe Him?
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