Why did my new male boss always stare at me?

I realize that my boss (he's a new avp) always stares at me, in the office,he will look at me more than twice ,sometimes he will smile alone when he saw me,he will walk around me,had a conversation with other staff nearby me.i mean I think he wanted to notify me that he was there somewhere near to me,but I never ever smiled to him,hehe, until recently, he was smiling to other male staff, when he sees me, the smile was dead,his face became serious when he saw me, what happen actually? he seems to be concerned on my issue as when I had any difficulties at office, I heard him asking about me from my own boss, but he never smile directly to me, he never spoke to me

There was one time he stares sharply direct to my eyes but what I did was only looked at him normally and walk away, am I too arrogant as an employee?haha or is he wants to tackle me?or is it he just want to be friendly?by the way, he is a young single man

one more thing is that actually I overheard he was talking to one of his friend, and they were talking nice thing about me, you guys must say that I'm too confident, but I heard it,after they finish the conversation, the boss was looking at me and nodded down and his friend keep staring at me

my office is an open space, no rooms, that's why I can overheard,hihi


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  • Are you hot? If so, the case has been solved.

    • which means he just stares at me because I'm hot, huhh,a bit frustrated in here, I thought he likes me hahaha

    • Is there really a difference?

    • if you can tell.i'm a bit slow,means he likes me,my ownself .not liking my style or etc,need a deep answer here.haha..thnks guys for answering.need to sleep.goodnite

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  • because he is attracted to you? duh.

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