How can she flip flop so fast? I'm done with her now but still feel angry!?

Look I know I only dated this girl for 2 months but we were seeing each other CONSTANTLY. It was rare if we didn't spend at least part of our day together, and towards the end we were sleeping with each other every night. I truly cared for this girl, she seemed the nicest , most caring girl I'd ever met.

And then one night she showed up and started crying, telling me she couldn't do this anymore, she wasn't over her ex and didn't want me to get hurt over this (far too late for that). It wasn't that she had seen him or anything she just couldn't handle a real relationship again. She insisted we try to stay friends.

I struggled with that. She made it no easier by messaging me at least once a week, even going so far as to invite me out to a movie the first week after our breakup and a party she was hosting two weeks after. But what really kills me is this last week.

Last Tuesday she was over at my apartment consoling my roommate (a good friend of hers who had just broken up with her bf). They'd been drinking when I came back and I admit I avoided them for a bit, I hadn't seen her in person since she'd ended things. I stepped out of the bathroom later though to find her standing there. She hugged me, tried to kiss me and hinted that she had really missed me and had on my favorite pair of her lingerie before I turned her away and told her she'd chosen to just be friends.

She seemed to realize she f*cked up there. She packed up and left and for the next 2 hours I got apology texts for her 'leading me on'. She said she just really missed me, had wanted to see me but didn't want to hurt me. Finally I agreed that this time I really would come out with her this weekend so long as she behaved.

That night we went out to our old favorite bar together. 4 hours later she was very drunk, I was moderately drunk. I hugged her, she started holding me as tight as she ever had and said she'd missed me so much, she hadn't been with anyone else and loved how I held her, just wanted to spend time with me again.

I crashed at her place. Managed to avoid having sex somehow fortunately, but after talking today evidently she was confused why I had slept there and said she still only wanted to be friends and didn't remember saying any of that.

What the hell is going on. I don't understand it at all. She seemed honest and caring... this doesn't even line up with how I see her...
How can she flip flop so fast? I'm done with her now but still feel angry!?
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