Ladies, when a girl plays games with you, does it ever mean that she still cares for you in some way?

Background...She thought I rejected her, but I did not. now she spends hours playing mind games with me.

Does a girl ever really get over a crush? I always liked her just didn't understand her, guess I still don't

She asked me to take her back to my place, but I didn't know her did not bring her back. A couple of other times just miscommunication, I thought she didn't want to talk to me turn out she wanted to talk about dating. I finally asked her out and she said she would think about it, at one time yes, but talked herself out of it. She flirts, looks when I walk by, occasionally initiates conversation. At a party sat on my lap, Would not kiss me, but later missed my cheek, but a hAnd shake good nt
Kissed my cheek, not missed.


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  • You've embarrassed her once, and some girls never move on from that. But going on the other things (flirting, looking at you) she still likes you so she is playing hard to get, now. If we like a guy and get any sign that he isn't interested back, we withdraw. But if we still like him, we'll start playing these games in case we were wrong. If she was no longer into you at all, she wouldn't bother. Sitting on your lap and kissing your cheek is her testing the waters again. If you like her, don't give her any indication you don't. She'll just keeping going in, and backing off. I do this, too. We are taught to believe that a man will pursue whatever he's interested in.

    • Would it have any impact that she had started dating the guy she complained to about me two days before. She had even turned around her claddich ring. This process of our has gone on 4months

  • Why is she under the impression you rejected her, what did you do? And what mind games? I'm in a similar situation and may be able to give advice once I know the answers to those questions.

    • I put an update above, any help is appreciated.

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