What is wrong with my girlfriend?

- Dating for 6months

- She got out a break up 5months before I asked her out , she assured me that she was over her ex because I didn't want any drama.

-She got drunk and kissed one of the guys that liked her , I was mad but I let it go because it was the first time she did that and she told me the same night she made a mistake.

- She talked to her ex and I told her to stop it but she said there are friends and she knew him before they dated.

- One day I found she texted him saying how she loved him and wants to be with him and she only dreams about him during our fight and break period.

- I told her if she wants him then ias much as I love her I'm out , she cried and even ended up in the hospital for a panic attack.

- Her mom called me and apologized and I decided to give her another chance.

-Everything is good so far till last week.

- She lost her job , plus her family is going through financial problems so she became depressed.

- She tried fighting with me over the weekend but I matured up and avoided the fights.

-She called me the night and apologized and said she is going through stressful times and she is taking it out on me and she is sorry.

-I said ohkay never mind that but learn to control it , because I grew up with no father and I barely talk to my mom , I feel like a tenant in my house never included in family plans but I still find ways to be happy with you despite al this stress.

- She called again and said thanks for everything and the support. She then said she doesn't want me to be depressed with her so she will let me know when she is her self again because she loves :/ She then didn't talk to me for a whole day.

- I didn't want to bother her , she is very emotional and I'm what girls will call "a**hole" so I didn't wanna say anything. She is actually the only girl that understands me out of the girls that liked or like me , I chose her over many girls but I don't know.

She doesn't want to talk to me , I thought I was suppose to be the shoulder she could lean on ;/

Is she having second thoughts , or she wants her ex back or maybe she found a new guy ?

If so why does she keep saying she loves me yet ignore me / Why can't she be straight up ?

I don't want to make any stupid decision yet because I truly love this girl , I share more with her than anyone in my family because I have a bad history with my family I don't trust my mom and I don't know my father. Also I take her position into consideration , losing your job family issues and a break up with not help her right now.

Any ideas what is going on here ? ... I can't even think about this.

Stressing so much over this , not helping as am in university too , ic ant even focus on school :(

What is wrong with my girlfriend?
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