Why did she stop writing to me?

Well she moved and I really haven't heard much from her. She's been gone 2 months now and we mainly just email each other. One or 2 a week, Sometimes less on her part but I guess its just because she's busy and her life hasn't settled. I've spoken to her on the phone twice. Now granted we were only together for about 3 1/2 months, we spent almost every night and morning together. She told me that she loved me, that she needed me, wanted me forever etc. I believed that considering she had a good head on her shoulder, has 2 kids and has been married before. She's a smart girl so I like to think she knows the meaning of the words she told me..Anyway As of recently I haven't heard from her at all for 4 weeks now. Nothing at all. and I just don't get it. And it just surprises me because of the way she left off in her last email. Nothing would have led me to believe she wouldn't respond. It really hurts. Also it's not like we broke up because we didn't 'get along or weren't compatible or anything like that. She moved out of state without much notice right while we were in the middle of being in love. I know people will say if she really sincerely loved you she wouldn't have moved, but she has 2 young kids that are her priority.

I've sent her 3 emails now to no response. I feel like I can't message her any more for at least a while now. I want to give her some space and not come off as crazy . I can take a hint. I just wish she'd give me the decency to give me some sort of a response. Ugghhhh This sucks, I miss her so much.

Now, If someone said those things to you and meant it, why would they avoid you for over a month? She said it hurts to talk to me because she can't have me,but ignoring me? I just can't see how someone can love another person yet break contact with them. Is that like her trying to move on or something? it sucks we can't even be friends.
Why did she stop writing to me?
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