Eye contact, where are the limits?

Hi (sorry for my strange name but hum... nothing else... not really romantic, anyway).

I'm just asking since a while where are the limits of eye contact with you, girls (women). What makes you feel unconfortable ? Do you mind if a guy stares at you (not espacially a good looking one or not... Someone "on the average"if you want) ? We're not in the case of the guy could be "dangerous" or look at you with a strange glance. No, this guy is purely OK, normal, safe.

I read something last night, a guy did an experience with lots of women to know how to ensure an efficient eye contact. If you can read this little text and tell me your point of you I could be great too.

copy this in the url bar >>> cpc.cx/3TD

Thanks !
Eye contact, where are the limits?
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