My friend Has Schizophrenia and is seeing a person that's not real. What do it do?

My friend had Schizophrenia and he is seeing this girl that he has been seeing for quite some time.. He doesn't know how to stop it and doesn't know how to ignore it.. He is on medicine and goes to a therapist.. It is about to hurt our relationship... someone helpme.. Give me some advice on how to stop it of how to help him ignore it


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  • Does he want it to stop? First and foremost, I mean, is this a disturbing experience for him?

    I've got Schizophrenia, and I talk to things that aren't there. I quite like that, I enjoy that part of the schizophrenia. That's like, the fun bit, ahaha. But there are some things that are extremely disturbing and scary, especially when you can't stop them, so I can see how this could be either really good or extremely, extremely bad.

    I have more to say, depending on the answer, by the way. It's not rhetorical.

    • yes he wants it to stop it is very disturbing for him... He can't be with anyone because of this girl that he has been seeing.. I don't know what to do I just need to help him.. He is my life right now

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    • I don't really understand... And this is caused by her? What's the connection?

    • I don't know... He just started seeing her when he was in eighth grade at a party.. Yes this not being able to be with anyone like relationship wise... This is all caused by her...

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  • I'm sorry.. But you got to let him go.. There is no future there and nothing you can do. Schizophrenia is a form of insanity. There is a very high rate of suicide among the people inflicted with it.

    Another problem is that at some point many stop using the meds.

    There is no stopping and ignoring.

    • You tell that to an insane person and he will rape you, murder you then rape your dead body.

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    • Okay one you do not know the whole situation.. unlike you one person has been talking to me about it al night so chill with the rudeness

    • Looks like you are the one who needs to chill

  • Has he asked the therapist this question for professional advice about how to handle it? Maybe he should increase the medication or switch to something else that's more effective, has he looked into that? That's probably his best bet.

    It might just be something he has to live with--seeing people that aren't real and trying to ignore them. Is the girl friendly at least?

    • No, she is terrible she tells him he is a terrible person for wanting someone he is real. He can't be on the meds anymore because they make him a zombie. The therapist doesn't know what to do anymore.. and I don't either

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    • If it were me I'd switch doctors ASAP and get other opinions since his therapist has no other ideas. Maybe he should stay on the zombie meds to keep the girl away and keep him safe until someone has another plan. Does your friend have family or someone else who can help take care of him while he's on the zombie meds?

    • I thought of something else you can help him with, maybe ElijahCynicism proposed this already to you. But in getting a new doctor ASAP your friend will probably have to cold call several different physicians to see who takes his insurance (if any) and who is taking new patients. You could probably help him with that process and also do some extra internet research rating doctors. You will want to find a psychiatrist (an MD) who is either very knowledgeable or specializes in schizophrenia.

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    I really don't know how to. I just found these sites. hope it helps. good luck :)

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