What do girls mean when they ask if you are trying to make them jealous?

What does it mean when a girl asks if I am trying to make her jealous? I have a situation right now where I went on a date with a girl from college (who lives far away from me; 3.5 hours byu flight) and hung out in a group a few times after that but I'm not sure what her deal is. I basically told her that I liked her but after our date she said she is "too selfish to be in a relationship but wanted to hang out as friends." But when I asked her if she wanted to hang out in a one-on-one setting she said she'd rather hang out in a group setting because she feels too much pressure and doesn't want to give me the wrong impression.

We kept chatting for a while via text and Whatsapp the next week and I told her I was going to be flying in for my birthday party and said I'd love for her to be there. She said she couldn't make it. The night before I was going to fly in for my birthday party, she drunk texted me saying if my goal was to try to make her jealous (which I have no idea what she was talking about) and if I was, it wasn't working and that I should work on "my game" because she does not get jealous over guys. Again, I have no idea what she was referring to but apparently I did something in which she felt I was trying to make her jealous.

Girls/guys - what do girls mean when they ask if you are trying to make them jealous and are they actually jealous or implying something else? Also, do girls usually lash out at guys when they are drunk if they are not interested? Thoughts would be appreciated.
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One thing that did happen a day before this that might made her jealous was this. I posted something on one of my Facebook status chains (which she was not on) saying that I was no longer going to fly over to that place for my birthday because I had work to do. I had not informed her of this news. But about 15 minutes later, she texts me: "I know you just posted it and sorry I have no life but when were you going to tell ME you weren't coming anymore."

I explained to her that...
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... I had just posted that post that message "5 minutes ago" and she responded by saying "no you posted that 17.5 minutes ago." The conversation went on a little longer and it ended her by saying..."uhh FINE." Now for a girl that had not shown much interest in me and rejecting my invitations for one-on-one dates this seems weird, especially since she wasn't even on the chain. I think this is why she didn't eventually come to my birthday party. Am I over-analyzing this thinking she is interested?
What do girls mean when they ask if you are trying to make them jealous?
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