My own insecurities may hurt to get past it?

I have been with this boyfriend for almost 2 years. After about 6 months into he wanted to break off due to the distance apart we were (30 minutes). Over a few more months, he decided he wanted to break it off because we were arguing a lot. Then said no he wouldn't when I asked if we could get another shot. So almost another year later, we have child on way, he wants to buy house together, and he finally gave me keys and 24/7 access to his house. I know I have insecurities cause of this but...I am too scared to get close to him for fear of breaking up in just another few months. After he did this to me now, I don't trust him not too again. What do I do...I can't live day to day with this insecurity?


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  • Giving you 24/7 access to his house is about as big a committment as you can get, on top of which you're already having a child together.

    If you had doubts, don't you think you should maybe have NOT gotten pregnant, or at least not accepted his house keys?

    • Don't make it out like I am the sole fault of the pregnant. Men do have a part in it you know. I have doubts only about him wanting to walk again.

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    • Again, if you had doubts, you shouldn't have accepted what you did...

      If you're serious about working on those doubts, take a long hard look at the commitments he has already made to you, and realize that guys do not make those commitments easily. He's obviously in it for the long haul. You just need to accept the evidence in front of you. Believe your eyes.

    • That's what I needed to hear. girls will just hand their keys over to guys just to keep the guy around, but if a guy only doesn't when he is truly serious then that makes a difference. I never knew that about guys as I had been with the same guy since high school. I guess I don't truly understand guys all the way :{}

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