Why do guys like her?...help me out!

There's this girl who I really don't like. she always has all these guys who want to be her friend and everyone thinks she's so talented, funny, smart, pretty bla bla bla. when really she's just stupid and ugly.

people think she's so sweet because she doesn't go clubbing or drinking or smoking or anything. she pretends that she's all smart and works hard at school and pretends that she likes animals but its all an act so that people will like her.

don't think I'm mean because I'm not. she makes me feel so bad because she doesn't do anything or is anything special yet everyone loves her.

and she's a virgin so that just proves that none of the guys really like her they just pity her.

can you guys explain to me why people like her? its so stupid.



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  • So...

    You don't like her ... But the boys do.

    You don't think she is talented, pretty, smart and funny ... But the boys do.

    She appears to like animals ... but you know better because you can read her mind.

    She is a bit of a prude, ... and you feel that is the wrong thing for her to be.

    She gets good grades and work hard in school ... but you know that is not her true nature.

    I recommend a bit of soulsearching on your part here. Why do you care? Why do you obsess over this? Why on earth is it important to you that she is a failure? Why can't you use her tricks and techniques to be popular ... given that is all they are?


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  • You know, sometimes people have different tastes than what'd you expect...

  • Okay, first of all, people eventually see through acts and they're exposed for the liars or frauds that they are. People like her for the person she pretends to be, and maybe she will eventually become that person she is pretending to be, it's not entirely impossible. Practicing excellence leads to be excellent, and so forth. You don't even have to do anything to point it out if it's not true because eventually it comes to light on its own anyways. Next don't feel that you need to weigh self worth in relation to someone else, how many friends you have, or whether you lost your virginity or not.


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  • You sound incredibly insucure. I'm a virgin and that's not because guys don't WANT. to sleep with me, trust me they've def shown interest. Its a personal choice, and I think this girl is the same. I think you need to do what that one guy said, do some soul.searching. do you even like YOURSELF? Because if you don't how do you expect any guy to like you either?

  • ...you sound mighty jealous. how is her being a virgin pitiful? guys like her because she sounds like an awesome person. you don't like her because you probably wish you were her. she's got her pros/cons, as do you. focus on bettering yourself.

  • for some reason people like fakers ... -_-

    just be real because fakers can't fake forever and if they do they commit suicide because they are living a double life ...

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