Should I try to change for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend has serious trust issues. And no this isn't some story where I tell you I cheated on him because I didn't. I have never cheated on my boyfriend and we have been together for about 6 months now. I'm off in college and he is still back home attending college there. I only live an hour away so I visit often. On the weekends my girlfriends ask me to go out to parties with them. I attend and I don't drink just people watch and jam to music and make friends. Now my boyfriend hates this. He says that I am changing and I am going to party all the time and drink which will eventually lead to me cheating on him. Also, in class I talk to guys and girls but if a guy asks for my number and Facebook details strictly friendship wise, my boyfriend FREAKS OUT. Me talking to guys is forbidden I guess...I tell him often just how amazing he is. I call him and text him about it but half of the time I am called a liar or he doesn't respond to my messages with positive feedback.

Now here's my situation..

My boyfriend wants to dump me because of my actions (the partying and talking to boys). He said he might get back together with me if I change..Should I even change? Am I really being that bad of a girlfriend? Any tips to how to approach this whole thing?
Should I try to change for my boyfriend?
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