Overwhelming sense of guilt for fighting back against bully, what should I do?

I was in a all girl's school all my life until 2012, when I went into a co-ed high school (my family shifted so my father could pursue his career).

My previous school had a friendly environment so I tried to be really nice to everyone here, but there was this boy who made life really hard for me for turning him down when he asked me out.

He made crude and offensive comments about me and humiliated me in public on more than one occasion so one day I decided I couldn't take it any longer and I poured my glass of orange juice on his face.

That made him really angry, and I tried to get away from him but he shouted at me and grabbed me by my hand. I tried to break free but his grip was too strong, and in desperation I kicked him in his reproductive organs with all my strength, and I ran away crying.

My best friend found me later, and told me I had to report to the principal's office for what happened.

I was told that the boy I had kicked "felt excruciating pain and had to be taken to the hospital" , and they were considering expelling me for bad conduct, even though I was clearly the victim.

Their decision has made me feel extremely guilty for retaliating, and even wondering if he was actually innocent.

Was I wrong to have done that?


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  • No, you had every right to. Explain your case, he was in the wrong not you.


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  • No. You definitely were not wrong. You probably shouldn't have kicked him there, but you still did the right thing. Don't feel guilty for his mistake.