What do you think would happen if men and women switched roles?

I think about the strangest things sometime (I guess that

happens when you have a lot of time on your hands lol).

Anyway, so today I was thinking how men and women's

roles (and body parts), could have been reversed and

how strange that would be. Like what if

men were the ones that had estrogen in them and

were the ones to have the breasts and a hoo ha.

And, women were the ones with testosterone and a disco

stick. How, trippy would that be?

That means men would get everything a woman

has and has to go through. And, women would get

everything a man has and has to go through. Honestly,

if it was possible I think it would be a good experiment.

Because, one thing I TRULY believe is that neither men

nor women put themselves in the other genders shoes and

try to understand how it might feel to go through that or have

to put up with that. I think if they could spend a day or longer

being the opposite gender, they may understand them better

and have more respect and compassion for that gender.

To me the only thing standing in the way of men and women

not being frustrated with the other, is the ability to see things

through the other genders perspective. Women complain about

men constantly, but I don't think they TRULY understand how

difficult it must be for men to have to deal with the "real man" stigma.

Can you imagine how hard it must be for a man to feel like he's not

"real man" if he doesn't do, this, that or the other? Probably really

hard and I think it's unfair that they have to deal with it, because to

me all men are "real men"! I also don't think women understand what

it's like for most men to know that most women have a "must be this

tall to ride" requirement (pun intended).

Now, men complain about women. But, I don't think a guy TRULY

understands how hard it is to have a period once a month and

how annoying it is to have your hormones be all wacky and

you not really being able to control what you feel. It's not fun

and I hate not being in control of my emotions (I'm already a

emotional person by nature) so it's just a 10 times worse during

that "time of the month."

My general point is, if we could all just try and understand

each other better. Coexisting with each other, wouldn't be so hard.

See, at the end of the day we're all just human beings and ALL

human beings basically want the same things out of life, so if we could

just either find way to get more insight into the opposite gender or

stop seeing each other as gender but instead just a person. Maybe,

things would be better.

So, boys and girls. What are your thoughts and opinions?
What do you think would happen if men and women switched roles?
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