What are some sophisticated bullying techniques?

What are some cases you have heard about or know about?

or perhaps what have been registered to be some sophisticated bullying techniques?

I guess I am looking for something up the alley of character defamation, rumor spreading, gangstalking etc


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  • What is the big thing with bullying these days? I went to school in the 80s and 90s and this just wasn't a concern. It happened all the time, no one was killing themselves over it, it was just part of growing up. If you had a problem with it, you stood up for yourself. Punch the bully in the mouth, and even if he beats you up, he'll pick an easier target next time. I remember going inside one time because I was scared that this older kid in my neighborhood was threatening me. My dad asked me what I was doing in the house. I told him, and he just said "well you better get back out there and do something about, or it'll just get worse. If people know you're soft, there'll just be more bullies." Probably the best advice I ever got. I went back outside, the kid started again, I swung on him, we fought, I held my own, and no one ever bothered me again. The way people bubble-wrap their kids nowadays is absolutely maddening. The world has gone soft-serve.

    • It is not school-yard bullying anymore and they will get you arrested for any physical altercations...that is the problem.

      Bullying today is done in groups and often involves stalking, gang-stalking, emotional abuse and some other things. Frankly, its a bit more complicated than before and hence harder to beat. The main reason it is harder to beat is because there are a lot of bystanders and people who do not care about it unless it ultimately happens to them.

    • You can't punch out the bully anymore? That's ridiculous. Kids are pu$$ies these days. It's the goddamn internet causing this probably, people grow balls behind computer screens, probably goes down on Facebook and whatnot. I lived a couple towns away from that Phoebe Prince girl that offed herself a few years back, that was a shame. This is what happens when you don't let people fight.

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  • Out of curiosity, why do you want to know?

    Well, one case I heard of was this girl who was raped, and then the guy who raped her got a bunch of his gang members to help stalk, threaten, and basically scare her into keeping quiet (it went in the bullying category). And, I mean, it's not one particular case, but a lot of hazing rituals (especially in fraternities) are pretty sophisticated (and can be considered bullying). I can't really think of anything off the top of my head for now, but if I think of anything I'll add it.

    • I don't like people who practice such behavior and think they can terrorize others. I want to know what some of the "smarter" ones do.

      Out of curiosity? does it not make your blood boil a bit when you hear of such stories?

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    • have refused to go along with it. And, say "yeah, not really into joining". But, I mean, it preyed into their sense of wanting to belong (I mean, who doesn't want to belong). Which, to some extent is actually quite smart (if only it would be used for other things).

      Yeah, a bit like a train wreck. I mean, it's so disturbing what some of these people do, but it's also quite fascinating(not in a good way) to look at. And, you just can't stop.

    • I won't say I find it fascinating. I just think its really important to know some of this information because you are dealing with people who apparently have nothing better to do than research and live it.

  • staring and giggling, hahaha m just kidding I just know gaslighting


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  • Gaslighting as another person said. Blackmail. Satire. Misinformation for Redirection towards Victimization.

    There's 4. There are more.

    • Which are more? Are there actual incidents that have happened using those techniques?

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    • I am an adult and I can be rational as well believe it or not. Also, you must ask yourself...is a person really worse off knowing such information or encountering it in the field unknowingly and then getting played by it.

      I am not entirely sure what you are thinking I may do but I won't endanger myself. I have dealt with bullies before and dodged ploys where rumor-spreading, character defamation and such other things were at play. They included a lot of deception and misinformation.

    • I don't think Cromatie has anything special to offer. Cruelty is supposedly part of human nature... mostly because people are dumb as fuck.

      There are good people and bad people in this world. Good people are strong and act responsibly. Bad people blame others for their mistakes and are hellbent on taking advantage of other for their own gains. If you keep focusing on the bad then it will overwhelm you. My advice to anyone in life is to know the law and 'arm' yourself accordingly. Be informed or just be careful if you are in an "unknown place"/situation. Take care of yourself, don't be a hypocrite and if you are in distress then seek the appropriate help. Nothing that does not benefit you or your goals needs any of your efforts or attention. You have to prove nothing to these people.

  • I myself am a victim of gang-stalking. The point of focus seems to be my sex life, or lack thereof. I choose to masturbate, big fucking whoop. I have found cameras in my home, I have recorded people pointing cameras at me and making comments (that I KNOW only refer to me), only to have my smartphone reset ITSELF and my journal/logbooks disappear... These people will NOT drive me to suicide like Jean Seaburg... i will either find and sue them, or pull a Tim McVeigh/Charles Whitman...

  • Gaslighting is the worst. Worse yet when combined with gang stalking, although the two often need to go hand and hand. It's a lot easier to gaslight someone when you conspire in a group.

    • are there any specific cases that have used this methodology?

    • No high profile news that I know of. This sort of thing usually doesn't play out in an interesting way. A lot of people are also called crazy over it. Maybe some are, but others aren't.