My 39 year old Exhusband keeps lying about the nature of his relationship with his 22 year old live in girlfriend.

I have been divorced for 3 years now and we have 3 kids, twin 14 year old boys and a 17 year old daughter. My ex has been dating his 22 year old girlfriend for 18 months and living with her the last 12 months. Our divorce was not amicable. He left because I cheated with an old friend from high school. The weird thing is that his girlfriend's BFF has a child with the guy I cheated with. I hadn't spoke to him 3 years and he called because my ex's girlfriend took my number out the phone to give it to him so she could tell my ex that I was still dealing with this guy. Just ridiculous and too much drama for me. I felt like I was in high school..smdh

Whenever he talks to me or we go to our co-parenting counseling I used to get harassing calls from the girlfriend's BFF, so I change my number. He says she has nothing to do with parenting the kids and he won't let her near me or vice versa. But now he lets her stay while the kids are there but tells he she happened to be there. She has no car so I'm lost on how that happened without a ride from him. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I'M SO CONFUSED!

He says she's not part of the picture when it comes to the kids. he does make her stay at a friends house when they come over for the weekend but then he rushes to bring them home early to go get her. When he wants a favor he tells me "Just do it for me.Pleeeessee." like I'm still with him. What the hell is that about?

Is this girl his girl friend and if not then what the hell is she? She even told me in front of him, the kids and I that she won't watch the kids after school, help with homework or do anything for them and he didn't say anything. PLEASE SOMEONE, CAN YOU BREAK THIS DOWN FOR ME BECAUSE I AM SO CONFUSED. He keeps telling me when he meets someone worth introducing to me he will let me know...huh? But she lives there!
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And yes I cheated. I know I was an ass. But when he wouldn't be intimate with me for 8 months I figured he was cheating. Crazy thing is after he found out about the affair he wanted to sleep with me every other night. I'm really over this man but I feel like he's attempting to play mind games with my head and get a reaction out of me that well... I just don't think he can get anymore.
My 39 year old Exhusband keeps lying about the nature of his relationship with his 22 year old live in girlfriend.
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