What does it mean when a guy says he has commitment issues? Please help me with this guy...?

I've known this guy at work for 7months.. He is always sweet to me, got me a necklace, chocolates, exchanges numbers Facebook etc and started texting.. He always flirts m, stares, smiles, good body language, always sits with me for hours to talk and say bye to me individually, says I miss you if he doesn't see me.. Etc

I asked him out, he said I'd love to then on the same day he flaked and said let's postpone it cause I have slot of work.. He never rescheduled..

But then a month later he texted me on that he doesn't want our first date to be in this city since there's nothing to do and it's complicated, it's a desert!... We said we will do that when I meet him up outside the country...

But he changed, he doesn't visit my desk anymore, rarely texts me, yet flirts all the time... If I don't pass by his office he says where have u been etc.. He hugs me everytime he is traveling, played the guitar for me once and was super nervous..
I attended a event he was performing at, he sat next to me the whole time except for when he was on stage...

Yesterday we were dirty talking for the first time, I asked him if he ever thought of me and I think he misunderstood me, he said; just so you know I have.. But I also have personal issues. I had to ask what he means he mentioned commitment issues and was vague about it.. I had to act all cool about it and told him I go with the flow.. He said same here'

Today at work he was acting weird.. Now we re going to meet up next month outside the country...

So my question is, what does that mean? He doesn't want to go out on a date with me? Doesn't want a relationship? Or just want to bang me? Doesn't want to be exclusive? Or just scared and speaking his emotions?

He is smart, hot, private, writes dark poetry and his parents are divorced and he's an aquarius if that helps..
What does it mean when a guy says he has commitment issues? Please help me with this guy...?
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