Why don't myTakes appear on the site feed?

I'm surprised to realize that myTakes are only accessible through the "myTakes" tab up there, and only featured gagTakes appear on the feed.

Is this a feature? I mean, if it's not exposed on the site feed at all, most people won't bother to look it up, and they possibly won't get too many opinions.

I'm just curious, really.


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  • This is actually in our FAQ too :-) https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#180

    To find myTakes to read and share on, go to myTakes from the top menu.

    Site Feed = Activity on Promoted myTakes
    My Feed = Activity on myTakes from Users I Follow and Promoted myTakes from Topics I Follow
    Recent = Lists recent Promoted myTakes
    Popular = Lists all popular and Promoted myTakes
    No Opinions = Lists all Promoted myTakes with No Opinions
    All myTakes = Lists all myTakes, promoted or not


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  • Probably because your setting preference is set to only questions.

    • ... uh, where do I set that?

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    • I have that on All Posts, and even if I switch to myTakes it just shows the one that got promoted to gagTakes

    • Oh. Really? Huh. I don't know then, sorry!

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  • I have no idea.

    @Sparrow24, help us!!!

  • Because people would rather read about gender issues than about how circumcision is bad.

    • I actually didn't bother making a myTake about circumcision yet, believe it or not. Unfortunately the key audience wouldn't read it.

    • Well I'll be sure to check it out if it ever gets featured or anything.