How do I get the Xper for it?

I followed girlsaskguys on Google + and Facebook but didn't get Xper. How do I get Xper for follow girlsaskguys on Google + and facebook? What do you.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wait a day.

    • I did.

    • Then oh well. Lost at most what, 50 exp. They're oh so generous.

    • Actually I think it was 100. I wanted to feature this one question but guess not lol I just logged on to Facebook and Google + using the same accounts I used to connect on here. I don't know if that was how you do it but oh well thanks anyway

What Girls Said 1

  • Did you send in a message here to let them know that you followed them on those sites? Once you come back here and send in a message to let them know what your accounts are, they can verify it and you'll get the Xper.

    • How do they verify it? Do I just say I followed girlsaskguys or do I provide a link

    • If you shared a link, then yes just provide the link. If you followed them I believe all you have to do is let them know what the name or username is.