How many men are missing women right now?

How many men are missing women? Whether their your partner or not. Are there reasons you aren't initiating anything?

Does it occur to you they might be missing you too? What goes through your mind?

I stopped talking to a guy I'm crazy about because I found out he has a girl (they aren't in a relationship but she thinks they are) he didn't tell me and I felt used. He contacted me a week ago and I shut it down pretty quick in a friendly way. I felt a connection but my heads saying I got used for sex. I'm trying to get past it but he's on my mind. What do you think he's thinking about? We have been good friends for about 4 years, and I was showing interest and backed off.

I'm confused. I'd rather him say what happened was great or shouldn't happen. Because I feel this way I'm getting frustrated with myself. I'm really disappointed because it was a whole different level that day/night. It was amazing. Could it really only be me that felt that?
How many men are missing women right now?
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