Is he just wasting my time?

Ive been running into this girl for the past few weeks now, she is a friend of my friends. We got on great but our friends are trying to push us together which is making us both a little uncomfortable. We decided to go out last week just the 2 of us. We clicked immediately but she seems to be a little hesitant with me. I understand a bit about body language and how to tell if a girl is interested. The signs were there. But as I went to kiss her she told me she was not that type of girl? She says she wants to take things slow but that she also does not want anything serious in the near future? The mixed signals are frustrating. She says that she always rushes into things and messes them up. Her long term boyfriend broke up with her last year and she told me they won't be getting back together. I confronted her about all of this. She told me there's definitely something between us but she's not sure what she wants yet. She said we can go date but she can't promise it will develop into anything I then said I didn't want to be wasting my time (im afraid she took this literally at first. I meant it as wanting to know her stand on the situation as in should we bother).

After we had this conversation she seemed in a better mood I'm wondering about my actions here because I'm not looking for a new friend. As the clash say: should I stay or should I go?

I forgot to mention that I told her clearly that I held no expectations and was not looking for anything serious either. But would like to get to know her more(its been only 3 weeks--crazy)and see where it goes but her words and tone didn't fill me with confidence in this prospect. Another problem seems to be our friends who want us to get down and dirty right now but I think both of us want to take it easy but she feels pressured and its scaring her away. Damn that was long
Is he just wasting my time?
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