Im jealous of my Boyfriends female friend.. What now? Help Me?

I hate my boyfriends female friend. I think I might be jealous but I dont care. I want her gone. My boyfriend and I were hanging out (its 9pm) and she called him asking him about date ideas or places to take a date. For one I was mad that he picked up the phone. He could have let it go to voicemail. So he's talking to her and Im sitting there like, I think Im gonna go home.

He hangs up on her and she texts him. So again he's texting her. The whole time Im like why can't see google this stuff, thats what the internet is for. I never meet her nor have I talked to her. One time she was trying to hangout with him and he told her he was hanging out with his gf she said "Thats Gay". He told me but I didn't say anything, There was nothing to say. I later found out she's called him three times this week asking for date idea. Again I ask why can't she use the internet. So he's showing me the text and he told her "Im with my gf" she said "I dont care what your doing"

She's always calling my bf ( and he just has to pick up) to talk about her bf or how her bf beat her up (which is bad no man should ever) I just can't help but think why doesn't she call her girlfriends for this. Then my bf was telling me how they got into a fight (I really was not trying to hear that). He told her "I gonna be hanging out with my gf" She said "Oh you have a gf how long you two been going out" He told her she said "Well me and my bf been going out for 4 years" He said "Thats not a relationship you just dont know how to let go" She got mad and cussed him out. He asked me was what he said that bad. I said nope!
Im jealous of my Boyfriends female friend.. What now? Help Me?
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